The Guadalajara postal service is operated by the Correos de Mexico. You will find a post office in most cities and towns in Mexico. The main one in Guadalajara is located in the plaza behind the cathedral.

Guadalajara Post Office

  • Address: Av. Alcalde 500, Centro Historico
  • Phone: 33-3614-4770
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 am- 6 pm
  • Saturday
  • 9 am- 1pm

Postal prices are not cheap. Think twice before sending a heavy parcel. Although the post service is reliable when it comes to postcards, it can be slow. It takes at least a week to send to US & Canada, a little longer to Europe , Australia and Asia.

For larger and heavier packages, we recommend using international services like FEDEX or UPS.

If you are sending a package internationally using the correo, make sure you bring the package unsealed because they may want to inspect the contents. Bring paper & tape with you because the post office does not sell these items.

Stamps can be bought for your Guadalajara mail in post offices or at stamp machines located outside the post office, in bus stations, airports or commercial establishments.