Side Trips

There are numerous fun side trips from Guadalajara to it’s surrounding areas. Surrounding the city is the beautiful Tequila Country, as well as beautiful cities such as the lake side Ajijic, and the shoppers paradise Tlaquepaque.


If shopping is on your agenda in Guadalajara, then do not miss the perfect opportunity to visit Tlaquepaque. There are several tours that you can join, but because of its proximity to the city of Guadalajara, you can hop on a taxi and do it yourself.

This souvenir town boasts over 300 unique stores that offer a variety of unique and quaint handicrafts, jewelry, furniture, crystal and artwork.

The main shopping area is closed to traffic. There are several cafes and restaurants, some of them located within the shops so you can dine and enjoy the mariachi bands while waiting for your items to be packaged.


Tonalá is also a shopperʼs paradise, but in a smaller scale than Tlaquepaque. It is open daily but on Thursdays and Sundays, the village center becomes an open air market place where hundreds of stalls sell handicrafts. Visitors can get better bargains during this time. Most of the Mexican ceramics and pottery that are available in Mexico are locally made and sold here.


Tequila, the key ingredient in the popular drink called Margarita is distilled here. Blue agave, the plant where it is derived from is grown in massive fields surrounding several tequila distilleries.

Sauza and Jose Cuervo are popular tequila distilleries that are located in Tequila. There are several tours offered daily where you can learn more about the tequila making industry and taste the several varieties offered for sale. Make your reservation in a small booth in the town square.


The small town of Amatitan is home to the highest quality tequila produced in Mexico. The San Jose de Refugio hacienda is the only tequila distillery that produces Herradura Tequila. This facility boasts that the entire process of making and bottling tequila is under one roof.
This family run operation was first started in 1870. Today, the distillery still makes tequila using a more modern process. Learn about tequila and enjoy a taste of Herradura.


This beautiful alpine town south of Guadalajara is only 90 minutes away. Located in the Sierra Madre Mtns, it is surrounded by lakes, streams and a forest. This is where the locals and tourists flock to to get away from the city.

This ancient colonial town has 3 restored churches and a plaza where visitors can have a meal. It is also a haven for local artists who sell their creations here.

In the surrounding countryside, there are several hiking trails around the canyon. Visitors can also explore the outcroppings of volcanic rock.

Guadalajara side trips are a fun way to explore the surrounding countryside. You donʼt have to travel very far outside of the city to enjoy the true Mexican culture and natural beauty.