The name Tequila is famous all over the world and is closely associated with a favorite drink of many travelers to México, the Margarita. This is the very heart of tequila country and the roots of this city are closely bound to the giant industry that has grown from the popularity of it’s namesake.

As you approach Tequila the landscape begins to turn blue from the vast fields of Agave, the plant from which tequila is distilled. There are dozens of tequila distilleries in this area, both large and small, famous and not so famous. Most of the distilleries offer tours although these tours are presented with varying degrees of professionalism. The distilleries of Sauza and José Cuervo are located nearby and they both offer tours. Tours can be booked at a small booth in the town square.

Tequila is a small unassuming town that for the most part looks like many other small towns in this area. The town square, with the massive church in the background offers visitors a great photo opportunity. How many people do you know who have had their picture taken in Tequila? Adjacent to the town square is a small museum, dedicated to the history of the Sauza brand, and promotion of their tequila.