A few minutes from Tlaquepaque and a bit smaller, Tonalá offers another shopping experience that you are sure to remember fondly. Tonalá is a village of craftsmen, it is where many of the artists make and sell their goods. Tonalá is not a glitzy as Tlaquepaque, this is more a city of factories than stores but most are open and willing to sell to the public. Much of the ceramics, pottery and some of the finest dinnerware sold all over México, is made by the estimated six thousand artisans living in Tonalá.

If you can, visit Tonalá on a Thursday or Sunday as you will enjoy a particularly exciting shopping experience. It is on those days when the village center is turned in to a busy and colorful open-air market place. The streets are filled with stalls selling everything imaginable in the way of handicrafts. Some real bargains can be had, as the competition is fierce on these special market days.