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The Best Tequila Tours Near Guadalajara

by davidanicetti on February 3, 2012

Photo taken by Stephen Boisvert

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and the capital of the state of Jalisco. Known as the City of Roses, it was founded on Valentine’s Day over 460 years ago.

Scattered throughout the towns in the countryside surrounding Guadalajara are many of the Mexico’s best tequila distilleries.

Most are within a short drive and can be reached on your own in a rent a car or via one of the many tours offered from the city.

Some of the best tours include the Sauza Tequila Distillery Tour, Tequila Express Tour and the Tlaquepaque and Tequila Distillery tour.

Sauza Tequila Distillery Tour

The Sauza tour takes you through the famous Sauza distillery. You can see how the agave plant is transformed into the tasty national drink of Mexico.

You can participate in the harvesting of an agave plant and then see how the plant is milled, fermented, distilled, aged and then bottled.

Once you finish the tour there are tasty, tangy tequila drinks waiting to be enjoyed.

You can also visit the Sauza Family Museum and see all the paintings, photos and tools displayed in what used to be the Sauza family home. Admission is inexpensive and worth it.

Tequila Express Tour

The Tequila Express is one trip not to miss. The train, La Leyenda (Legend) picks you up in Guadalajara and takes you to what is considered the breadbasket of tequila –  Amatitán and Casa Herradura.

The train leaves mid-morning and takes you through the countryside of Jalisco with beautiful mountain vistas and views of the fields of agave on the way to Amatitán.

Once at Casa Herradura,tours take you through the old and new factories, taste testing of tequila and a unique authentic fiesta with delicious local foods, folkloric dancing, mariachis and more.

Tlaquepaque and Tequila Distillery tour

The Tlaquepaque tour takes you to Hacienda Rio de Plata where tequila has been distilled since 1943 and is the oldest factory near Guadalajara.

Here you will see the distilling process and get to taste all the types from añejo to reposado to blanco. Following the tour, you are taken to downtown Tlaquepaque to listen to the sounds of mariachis and enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the more than dozen restaurants.

A visit to Guadalajara would not be complete without a tour to a tequila distillery. Any one of these three tours will give you the opportunity to see how one of Mexico’s largest industries works. Salud!


A New Zealander’s Travel Guide to Guadalajara

by Paul Hooper on February 3, 2012

El Teatro Degollado
Photo taken by Thomassin Mickaël

If you’ve decided to take a trip all the way from New Zealand to sunny, lively Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico, you definitely need a couple of key tips on what to do there. Like most tourist spots in Mexico, this city is sure to take you by storm and dazzle you right from the get-go. As a general rule, it’s always good to have at least a basic outline of what you plan to do when traveling abroad.

It is equally advisable to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy, because you never know what pitfalls might unfortunately crop up while on vacation. Also, you’d be well advised to bookmark a good online currency converter, in order to get real time access to the fluctuations in currency exchange rates and figure out how much everything costs.

Once you’re all set up, though, all there’s left for you to do is enjoy everything Guadalajara has to offer—and there surely are lots of sights to experience in the Jalisco city. Find some of the most popular landmarks to explore featured below.

Visit Hospicio Cabanas

Hospicio Cabanas
Photo taken by David Ortiz

Built in the late eighteenth century, the Hospicio Cabanas is perhaps the oldest and largest complex of buildings with a medical function in all of the Spanish-speaking area of the Americas. For one thing, its part Gothic, part Moorish appearance will surely delight and amaze tourists.

Once inside, you will be amazed by the wonderful, unusual and impressive murals on Biblical themes painted by Jose Clemente Orozco. The impressive building typifies the aesthetic style of the period during which it was built.

 Explore Zoologico Guadalajara

Guadalajara Zoo
Photo taken by Juan Pablo Ortiz Arechiga

The Zoo in Guadalajara will definitely delight any New Zealanders coming to Mexico, but it is an especially suitable experience for families with children, be they very young or even up to teenagers. For one thing, the zoo hosts no fewer than two thousand animals.

The Zoo’s backdrop is spectacular, as the park sits in a beautiful ravine, with incredible natural features such as the baranca, or canyon. It provides a zoo experience unlike you may have seen before, either back home in New Zealand, or in other countries, such as the US.

Tour the La Rojena – The Jose Cuervo Distillery

Jose Cuervo Distillery
Photo taken by fatal.heart

Irrespective of whether you enjoy drinking tequila or not, a visit to La Rojena, the place where Jose Cuervo tequila is distilled, is definitely one you will enjoy. The tour of the distillery is very fairly priced, highly instructive and, to top it all off, at the end of the visit you receive free tequila samples that are sure to keep your spirits, so to speak, running high for the remainder of the day.

Discover the El Teatro Degollado

El Teatro Degollado
Photo by Thomassin Mickaël

If you choose to amble at leisure through Guadalajara’s historic district, there is no way you can pass by the beautiful Teatro Degollado and not walk in. This beautiful old theater has been recently renovated and the tour of the building will be well worth your time. Additionally, special events such as theater performances and concerts are not to be missed, if you can book tickets in due time.

On your next vacation to Guadalajara, where will you go?


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