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The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Guadalajara

by David Clough on July 20, 2011

Guadalajara CathedralImage of the Guadalajara Cathedral by tetrabrain

Guadalajara is a fantastic heritage site and a must on any Mexican vacation. Here’s a lowdown of some of the most exciting things to do on vacation in Mexico, along with the 5 top reasons for choosing a vacation in Guadalajara this year.

Guadalajara Culture is Very Rich

Guadalajara Cathedral

Image of the Guadalajara Cathedral by Ceslo Flores

Any vacation in Guadalajara will soon become richly immersed in the city’s unique culture, dating back to the first Spanish arrivals – and to the Aztecs before that.

Culture lovers will be awestruck by the elaborate architecture of famous sites such as the majestic Hospicio Cabañas orphanage, the 18th century town hall and a wide range of beautiful churches and chapels.

Museums in Guadalajara include the 16th century Museo Regional de Guadalajara with its archaeological exhibits and military histories, and the exciting children’s museum, the ‘Magic Top’. Visitors can explore the lively Plaza Tapatia with its varied stalls and street performers, marvel at the Guadalajara expo centre or take in a show at the Degollado Theatre.

Guadalajara Hotels are Top Notch

A vacation to Guadalajara offers visitors a chance to experience the famous Mexican hospitality. The city features a varied selection of comfortable hotels, many of which feature an impressive array of modern luxuries. From shops and banks to Internet cafés, visitors to Guadalajara will be able to find everything they need to get the most out of their stay.

Speaking of comfort, Guadalajara also boasts a number of rejuvenating spas! Indulge yourself with a visit to My Ego Spa or the Piedra Viva suite, where you’ll be able to enjoy treatments such as facials, full body massage, steam baths and wraps.

Guadalajara Food is Delicious

Tacos in GuadalajaraImage by Ernesto Andrade

One of the top Mexico attractions has to be the delicious local cuisine, and Guadalajara is no exception. Visitors can enjoy spicy meat, fresh corn tortillas, burritos and enchiladas. Guadalajara boasts an excellent selection of restaurants, cafés and bars that serve these popular local dishes, and many more.

The Parque Chapalita is a great place to head for a mouth-watering snack. Grab at taco from Avenida Tepeyac, and then unwind in the park as you watch the local artists at work. Alternatively, visitors can head over to El Parian. Here, in the heart of the Tlaquepaque district, restaurants line the sides of a small ornate square, and talented mariachis wander from table to table as they perform for diners.

There are Many Things to do in Guadalajara

Mexico is famous for its sprawling jungles and dense wooded mountains. At Guadalajara, guests can experience the wonders of the great outdoors with a visit to Bosque La Primavera, or ‘Forest of the Spring’. Here you can revel in the glory of nature, with guided bird walks, excellent fishing opportunities and warm springs that form natural jacuzzis along the riverbed.

Alternatively, kids and grown-ups alike will delight in a trip to Guadalajara zoo, where over 2,000 animals are housed comfortably in a scenic ravine setting.

You can take a Trip to Tequila, Jalisco, the Birthplace of Tequila!

Guadalajara tequila tasting

Then of course, there’s the tequila.

Visitors can hop aboard the Tequila Express, a train tour that runs 45 minutes out of Guadalajara to the small town of Tequila. This small, traditional settlement is home to a large number of distilleries, and was the first place in Mexico to be granted a license to distill the spirit of the same name.

Take a tour around the José Cuervo distillery at La Rojeña, the world’s oldest, and top selling producer of Tequila.

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