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Dining and Nightlife

Guadalajara has an extensive dining and nightlife scene. The city has a multitude of bars and clubs, as well as many world class restaurants. The city is very musically influenced which is evident at both it’s  restaurants and at it’s bars and nightclubs. Mariachis came into existence in the Guadalajara area, so appropriately there are many to be found in the restaurants around the city. If Mariachi music isn’t appealing to you, there are also jazz clubs, piano bars, and discos located all over the city.

bar, dining and nightlife in guadalajara is amazingClubs are located around the city and all cater to a different type of person with different musical tastes. Some nicer clubs are located in Zapopan near Patria. These clubs often have dress codes and cover fees. Other less upscale clubs are located near Centro Historico and also on Vallarta. There are also non drinking based activities around the city such as theaters, operas, and concerts.

There is a vast variety of cuisine’s available in the city, but many of the restaurants stay true to Guadalajara’s roots by serving traditional “mestizo” food, which is a combination of Mexican and Spanish foods. Two examples of mestizo food are pozole and adobado. Pozole is a dish with corn and ground meat, while adobado is another meat based dish that has been marinated with chillies and assorted vegetables.

Some of the city’s best restaurants and dining locations are in the Downtown area or Guadalajara’s Historic District, with other great gems located elsewhere across the city.