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Business Meetings

Guadalajara is a hot spot for commercial travelers in Western Mexico. The city is is one of Mexico’s largest cities and has a massive commercial sector. The large amount of business leads to lots of business travelers.

Guadalajara has evolved to cater to this business landscape by having plenty of locations around the city for Business Meetings and conferences to be held at. Many hotels have facilities available for rent as well as a few convention centers and even rental space within the airport.

Guadalajara is highly regarded for it’s friendly business climate and has become home to many high tech and other multinational companies. Modern industrial parks, numerous large office buildings and access to a well educated work force make Guadalajara “The Place” for many national and foreign companies to do business in México. Guadalajara is also a major national and international transportation and shipping hub which makes the movement of products and personnel very easy.

The local government and the many local business oriented associations are more than willing to provide up to date information and assistance in regards to the start up of a new business or to ease the opening of a branch office or manufacturing plant in Guadalajara. This willingness to help and educate companies about the many positive reasons to relocate is something that is severely lacking in most other Mexican cities.

One the most noteworthy reasons many national as well as foreign companies are relocating to Guadalajara is the quality of life that this area offers for executives as well as their employees. The pleasant year round weather, access to many types of recreation, an abundance of quality hospitals and health care all contribute to the areas attractiveness to business. Also partly responsible is the access to affordable housing in upscale as well as middle class neighborhoods and the availability of quality educational institutions. All of the above factors combine to make up a city that offers what many other Mexican cities can’t, a very pleasant place to live and work.