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Spring Break

Most spring breakers flock to the beaches and coastal town of Mexico for fun in the sun. Those who choose to spend their spring break in Guadalajara will get a diverse cultural experience that is different from the typical resort activities.

Guadalajara is also blessed with wonderful weather, fantastic food and an intoxicating nightlife that will delight anyone who visits during spring break.

What To Do


There is no shortage of nightlife in Guadalajara. This is the home of the mariachi. There are several restaurants and bars around the Plaza de Los Mariachis where bands will play for you for as little as $7.

There are 200 varieties of tequila and the town of Tequila is nearby. Tours and tasting are offered in some of the distilleries. The popular Jose Cuervo distillery and restaurant gives free margaritas at the end of the tour.

Bar hopping is a popular nighttime activity especially during spring break. There are numerous “pub crawls” and college nights promoted by the establishments. This is definitely a good time to try out the three types of tequila: blanc, reposada, and anejo.

Zapopan, a municipality that is part of Guadalajara metropolitan area is a great place for bar hopping. There are 12 bars in the center.

Zapopan is also the new home of Mexicoʼs most successful soccer team, the Chivas. The Chivas plays in the Mexican first division and has the distinction of winning 11 First Division Titles, 7 Campeon de Campeones and 2 Copa de Mexico.


There are numerous restaurants dotted around Guadalajara and Zapopan that will cater to your taste. Be sure to try the traditional dishes like:

  • Birra, a stew made with goat, roast chiles and spices.
  • Pozole, another stew made with pork and is cooked with fresh cabbage, radish, onion and cilantro.
  • Tortas ahogadas, a French style roll served with carnitas, beans and topped with hot
  • sauce. You can find this sold at food carts.

City Tour

During the day, spend some time walking around the Centro Historico (historic city center) where you can see the beautifully preserved colonial buildings, parks and monuments.

  • Jose Clemente Orozcoʼs mural paintings can be viewed here.
  • The Guadalajara Cathedral is a mix of Palladian, gothic and neoclassical architecture that was built in 1618.
  • Plaza of Crosses are 4 plazas shaped like a cross with the cathedral in the middle.
  • Governorʼs Palace is located next to the cathedral. It houses the famous works of Jose Clemente Orozco.


  • Museo Paleontologia de Guadalajara
  • The museums paleontological collection is a must see. A mammoth collection, and prehistoric fossils of Jalisco is housed here.

  • Museo Regional de Guadalajara
  • This museum celebrates the history of the city with an eclectic display of artifacts. The history gallery holds a series of colonial style paintings and in depth information on the Mexican cowboy.

  • Museo de Ciudad
  • Information on the origins of the city from Zacatecas to today is show cased here with photographs and other historical artifacts.

  • Palacio de Gobierno
  • This is the historical center of the government of the state of Jalisco and is worth a visit. The huge portrait of Miguel Hidalgo by Jose Clemente Orozco is housed in the vault of the old chamber in the state council is a must see for any art lover.


Guadalajara is a shopperʼs paradise. Visit Tlaquepaque and Tonala where you can find everything from street vendors selling arts and crafts in the market to shops that sell furniture, art, pottery, jewelry and many more.

A Guadalajara spring break experience is what you make of it. Culture, traditional Mexican food, tequila tour, shopping, mariachi band and sightseeing are all you need to have a memorable time in Guadalajara.