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Weddings in the United States are very expensive in comparison to a Guadalajara wedding. Guadalajara is a perfect example of a destination with reasonable accommodations, wonderful atmosphere, and great food.

Whether you are looking to get married or renew your wedding vows, our Guadalajara wedding guide is sure to help you with your plans.

Guadalajara Wedding Legal Tips

  • To get married in Guadalajara you must be 18 or have documented parental consent.
  • You must have a marriage license before your Guadalajara wedding. Go to the local registry office in Guadalajara, bring your passports and birth certificates and fill out the marriage application forms. Most hotel and villa wedding planners will help you with the process.
  • You and four witnesses must present valid passports before getting married in Guadalajara.
  • You may still have a religious ceremony, but Mexico only legally recognizes civil marriages.
  • It is necessary to be divorced a minimum of one year in advance of your civil ceremony in Guadalajara.
  • After your Guadalajara wedding, your marriage certificate must be legalized in Mexico to be accepted as a valid legal document.

Tips for your Wedding in Guadalajara

  • Hiring a wedding planner who specializes in Guadalajara weddings will insure that your Guadalajara wedding goes perfectly.
  • Research the different packages that hotels and villas offer for your Guadalajara wedding.
  • Weddings in Guadalajara should be planned at least six months to a year in advance. If you plan to hold your wedding during a holiday, you should reserve it even earlier.
  • Before the date of your Guadalajara wedding order the flower arrangements.
  • If having your hair done by a local spa or salon for your wedding, do a trial run.
  • Always negotiate for the best value.