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Transportation on your trip is very important, and getting around Guadalajara is much like getting around any other large city, easiest if you have your own car. Therefore, in order to minimize any transportation hassles, it makes lots of sense to rent a car to get around the city.

However, the city also has taxis and buses to bring you around the city if you opt for using public transportation to get around. If you choose this mode of transit, there are a few things  you should keep in mind before traveling.


  • Always know where your going before you set out, not all cab drivers speak English, and it’s incredibly useful to have a map with your destination marked before your cab ride. Often hotel attendants can assist you by calling you a cab and marking maps for you.
  • Some cab drivers prefer to not use meters, so try to find out a fair price for your trip before you get in a cab, hotel attendants can help you with this as well.
  • You can always wait for another cab if you think your cab driver might try to rip you off. Guadalajara is a large city and there are plenty of cabs around.
  • Taxis generally cost anywhere from 10-30 pesos per trip

Public Transportation and Buses

  • As stated above, always know where your going and it’s just as useful to have a map. If possible plan your bus routes and transfers before you get on any bus. It isn’t guaranteed that any bus driver will speak English.
  • When boarding buses don’t be surprised if they are overly crowded, as there are no passenger limits for public vehicles in Mexico.
  • Most importantly, make sure you’re carrying change!